SSMB 29 Villain: This Salaar Actor To Play Villain In SS Rajamouli And Mahesh Babu’s Adventure Movie!

SSMB 29 Villain: This Salaar Actor To Play Villain In SS Rajamouli And Mahesh Babu's Adventure Movie!
SSMB 29 Villain: This Salaar Actor To Play Villain In SS Rajamouli And Mahesh Babu’s Adventure Movie!
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Since the completion of RRR, there has been widespread speculation about the casting for SS Rajamouli’s upcoming film. Shortly thereafter, the acclaimed filmmaker officially announced that Mahesh Babu will headline his next directorial venture.

Today, in this article check SSMB 29 Villain who will lock horns with Mahesh Babu in this globe-trotting project!

SSMB 29 Villain: Prithviraj Steps into the Antagonist’s Shoes

But wait, there’s more. Rajamouli isn’t just shaking things up with the hero; he’s also crafting a compelling antagonist, and Prithviraj has answered the call.

SSMB 29 Villain
SSMB 29 Villain, Credit: Instagram, The Hans India

Sources close to the project reveal that Rajamouli and Salaar villain Prithviraj have finalized their collaboration, marking a pivotal moment in Indian cinema.

“This isn’t your run-of-the-mill villain,” the source explains. “Prithviraj’s character is layered with a backstory that justifies his actions. It’s a role that’s as much about depth as it is about intensity, and Prithviraj is thrilled to dive into this challenge alongside Rajamouli and Mahesh Babu.”

About SSMB 29:

Additionally, as per the exclusive news the film will delve into an African Jungle Adventure narrative, reminiscent of Indiana Jones, featuring Mahesh Babu embarking on a daring mission against formidable odds.

Notably, Mahesh Babu’s character will draw inspiration from Lord Hanuman, as Rajamouli and his writer father have intricately woven elements of the Ramayana into the storyline.

Mahesh Babu: The Modern-Day Hanuman?

Diving deeper into the plot, Mahesh Babu’s character is said to embody the spirit of Lord Hanuman, infused with elements from the epic Ramayana.

SSMB 29 Villain
SSMB 29 Villain, Credit: TOI

It’s a role that promises to showcase Mahesh in a never-before-seen light, challenging him to navigate treacherous landscapes and face formidable adversaries.

Behind the Scenes: Setting the Stage

While the script for this ambitious venture is nearing completion, Rajamouli is busy assembling an international team to bring his vision to life.

Talks with major studios like Disney and Sony Pictures are underway to co-produce and secure top-tier international talent for the crew.

“The goal is to elevate Indian cinema to a global scale,” shares our insider. “Rajamouli’s aiming to commence filming by late 2024 or early 2025, blending real African jungles with state-of-the-art studio sets to create breathtaking visuals.”

Redefining Conflict: A Rajamouli Signature

What sets this project apart isn’t just its scale, but Rajamouli’s ambition to redefine the age-old hero-versus-villain dynamic.

“He’s not just telling a story; he’s crafting an experience,” our source concludes.

“The clash between Mahesh and Prithviraj isn’t just about good versus evil; it’s about exploring the shades of grey in between, against the stunning backdrop of African jungles.”

Lead Image: Instagram, TOI

Article News Source: Pinkvilla

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