Aspirants and Kota Factory: 5 Similar Things Of The Characters Of Both Shows!

Aspirants and Kota Factory: How similar were the characters of both shows?
Aspirants and Kota Factory: How similar are the characters of both shows?
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Aspirants and Kota Factory both show the struggle of the lead characters in competitive exams. Both shows have got cult status and have been receiving praise from all corners of the digital audience. Many people have showered unconditional love for these characters. From Sandeep Bhaiya to Jeetu Bhaiya, everyone is loving and rooting for them. Both Aspirants and Kota Factory had similar vibes. Kota Factory is about the preparation of IIT-JEE entrance exams while Aspirants revolve around the difficulties and penances aspirants suffer to accomplish their objective of turning into an IAS bureaucrat. 

Similarities we found in the characters of Aspirants and Kota Factory:

1. Vaibhav and Abhilash:

Both the leads are very passionate about their respective dreams to pass the competitive exams. Vaibhav prepares for the entrance exam in Kota which is the hub of IIT preparation while Abhilash is situated in Rajendra Nagar which is home to progress and broken dreams. Vaibhav is preparing at Prodigy and went to Maheshwari institute to pursue his dream. Abhilash has had his share of struggles from being an aimless aspirant to becoming an IAS officer. Both characters have their sacrifices in the form of their love life. At times there was no motivation for both of them but still, they never give up on their dreams and that’s what makes them an inspiration for many students and aspiring candidates for UPSC.

2. Jeetu Bhaiya and Sandeep Bhaiya:

These two characters are the soul of both Kota Factory and Aspirants. Both Jeetu Bhaiya and Sandeep Bhaiya are the really cool teachers/mentor we need in our life and career. Jeetu Bhaiya is a Physics teacher at Prodigy and Sandeep Bhaiya is a senior UPSC aspirant. Both never got their dreams fulfilled. But they always inspired Vaibhav and Abhilash with their experiences of life and helped them achieve their dreams. Also, the audience too loved these characters more than the lead characters. Social media was abuzz with both bhaiyas. Everyone wanted Sandeep Bhiaiya to be an IAS officer in the finale episode. Meanwhile, Jeetu Bhaiya is the best teacher ever as per social media freaks. The 21-day success formula of Jeetu Bhaiya was absolutely loved by everyone. 

3. Meena and SK Sir:

We all have one friend who just supports us in whatever situation we are in. Meena always supported and helped Vaibhav with his weird tips and tricks to study. SK supported Abhilash and always motivated him with his poems when Abhilash felt demotivated. Both Meena and SK Sir failed to achieve their dreams but always stood for their best friends. We always wish for such friends as SK Sir and Meena.

4. Uday and Guri:

That one friend who never studies but gives the best motivation or advice just like Uday or Guri. Uday had a rich background and was there in Kota just because of his parent’s pressure. While Guri too had a rich background but wanted a status like an IAS officer which has an impact on society. Uday always supported and encouraged Vaibhav in his academics as well as his love life. Meanwhile, Guri was too motivated and had various plans for Abhilash when he failed in the Prelims of UPSC. Also, the friendship between Guri and Abhilash was too deep as formerly married his ex-girlfriend. Still, Abhilash was present at Guri’s wedding making their friendship win.


5. Vartika and Dhairya:

The love life of both Abhilash and Vaibhav was not so successful. Vartika was similar to Vaibhav and they both studied together as they wanted to go to Maheshwari. Dhairya was a UPSC aspirant too and they studied in the same library and developed feelings for each other after some time. But due to some assumptions that relationships in Rajendra Nagar don’t work, Abhilash decides to cut off his relationship with Dhairya and then they part their ways. Vartika and Vaibhav are also separated as Vaibhav leaves for Maheshwari.

Aspirants and Kota Factory:

Both these shows Aspirants and Kota Factory are loved and praised by audiences for their handling of pressures, struggles and realistic approach towards the competitive exams. Did you love these web shows? And which show is your favourite, tell us more in the comments section below. 

Lead Image Credits: The Indian Express, The Hans India

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