Best Hindi Comedy Web Series You Can Watch Anytime!

Best Hindi Comedy Web Series You Can Watch Anytime!
Best Hindi Comedy Web Series You Can Watch Anytime!
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When it comes to web series, the most famous genres of web series is either crime drama or dark adult content. But sometimes to lighten up our mood, we watch comedy series. There are many TV shows about comedy and still running successfully. Like Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma, Khichadi, Sarabhai vs Sarabhai or F.I.R. These shows are my top favourite when it comes to watching comedy shows on TV. But there are many web series that have comic content and more laugh-worthy. In this article, we have listed some Best Hindi Comedy Web Series You Can Watch Anytime with your family and friends.

Best Hindi Comedy Web Series:

1. TVF Tripling:

This TVF show deals with the journey of three siblings who decide to go on a trip and discover themselves. While the show may not be fully comic but the comic timing by Amol Parashar is quite on point. You can enjoy and laugh at the humorous adventure of siblings while watching this series.

As the show is from the house of TVF, it has loads of fun and laughter in it and relatable content. Also, the show is about trips and road adventures, it has beautiful visuals and humour. You can stream this show on the TVF app or SonyLiv App.

2. Chacha Vidhayak Hain Hamare:

This show features the most famous comedian Zakir Khan. The story of this web series is quite interesting. It tells the story of Ronnie who is a 26 years old jobless man. He tells the lie that he has a relation with the MLA who is of the same surname as Ronnie. After that, the strings of trouble continues for him and what happens after that is to be seen in the show.

Featuring the youth sensation and idol of many budding comedians, Zakir Khan is a treat to watch with his great dialogue delivery and comic timing. Watch this show on Amazon Prime Video for great laughs and comic twists.

3. Panchayat:

Featuring our all-time favourite Jeetendra Kumar aka Jeetu Bhaiya, this show is full of comic twists and turns. The show is about an engineer who wants a job in corporate but ends up in a job as a Secretary in the Panchayat office which is situated in the village of Uttar Pradesh. This series shows the problems faced by the villagers and how he solves those problems and rediscovers himself is to be seen in this show.

You can watch and enjoy this show on Amazon Prime Video.

4. Comicstaan:

This show is more on the line of the TV show The Great Indian Laughter Show. Comicsataan has contestants from all over India who compete against each other as stand up comedians and one winner is chosen amongst them.

If you are having a bad mood then you should at least watch one of its episodes. The show is a fully loaded package of comedy and a very well known stand up comedy artist as its judge. You can stream this fun show on Amazon Prime Video.

5. Flames:

This a romantic comedy web series which you can enjoy with your loved ones. The show is about a class topper who falls for a girl who is with him in his tuition. The show deals with teenage love and how sincere and innocent it is.

This show will definitely bring a smile to your face and some twists and turns will make you laugh too. Watch this romantic comedy series on MXPlayer.

6. Permanent Roommates:

Once this TVF show is not to be missed if you want some good laugh and mood-lifting scenes. This show will give a mixture of emotions such as love, laugh and humour. The story is about a couple who are in a long-distance relationship and then come together to give their relationship a new try. But after some twists and turns, they are unable to decide whether they should get married or not.

Watch this series for how the situation turns cute and funny with its twists. You can watch this show on Youtube and the TVF Play app.

7. Humorously Yours:

This show features the famous stand-up comedian Vipul Goyal. The show deals with the life of stand up comedians and how their life also has some complications and how they face it. Also, this series shows the tribulations and ordeals of some popular stand-up comedians. The lead actor of this show Vipul said that some scenes of this series are based on his real life.

You can watch this fun ride of stand up comedians on the Netflix platform.

8. The Aam Aadmi Family:

This entertaining series is about a middle-class family as the title suggest. Having the typical TVF style of making, this series is fun and has relatable characters. It is the story of a hardworking father, Mr Sharma who has two sons Bobby and Sonu, their mother and most notorious and funny character Dadi. 

You can have fun watching this series on Youtube, ZEE5, TVF Play and SonyLiv.

9. The Office:

Based on one of the most famous series around the world, The Office is the Hindi remake of international series with the same name. Here, the name of the office is Wilkins Chawla Paper Company situated in Faridabad, Haryana.

This Hindi remake has done complete justice to its original. The fun and humour in this office series are on point. If you love office humour and smart comedy then this series is a must-watch for you. You can stream this show on Hotstar.

10. Official CEOgiri:

This series featuring Sumeet Vyas is the story of the CEO of a company who is socially anxious. He runs his business with the help of drones. Furthermore, he has got only two months from saving his company shutting down. Watch this series for how he handles the situations he comes across.

You can watch this series on Youtube.

Best Hindi Comedy Web Series:

We have listed the top 10 comedy series you can watch right now. We have tried to find the best top comedy series out of various other series. You should definitely start with these series before starting any other. If you love other series, you can tell us in the comments section below. 

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