5 Fasting Food for Maha Shivratri : Meals for Maha Shivratri Fasting

Fasting Food for Mahashivratri : Meals for Mahashivratri Fasting
Fasting Food for Mahashivratri: Meals for Mahashivratri Fasting
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Maha Shivratri is celebrated today. It is one of the most widely celebrated festivals of Hindus. Devotees of Lord Shiva today observe the fast to please the deity. In this article, we will list the fasting food for Maha Shivratri that you can consume throughout the day.

During this fasting, we should avoid foods like wheat, rice and any kind of pulses.

Some devotees stay away from normal salt and instead consume rock salt.

Fasting Food for Maha Shivratri:

You can take one of these meals for fasting. The following are some options:

1. Milk, Dry Fruits and 1 Banana:

You can start your fast by taking 1 glass of milk. Also, you can take dry fruits and 1 banana. These foods are high in protein and contain healthy fats. These food items will keep you energetic the whole day.

2. Sabudana Khichdi, 1 Apple, Peanuts and Banana Shake:

Sago, commonly known as Sabudana is mostly taken during fasting. If taken in less quantity(40g) it will have no side effects. You can also take 1 apple and some peanuts. With that, you can have some Banana and Strawberry shake as well. These foods are high in carbs and have healthy fats.

3.  Only Fruits and Dry Fruits:

If you just want to take fruits for fasting then you can take Apple, Banana, Anjeer and some dry fruits such as almonds, cashews and raisins. These fruits will help you maintain your energy throughout the day. These foods are light and high in fibre.

4.  Fruits Rich in Vitamin C:

Fruits such as Grapes, Oranges, Papaya and Strawberry are rich in Vitamin C and has fibres. These foods will keep you high in energy during fasting.

5.  Dry fruits barfis, Peanuts Laddus and some more recipes:

These foods have high calories and will keep you fuller. You can prepare dry fruits barfi containing almonds, walnuts, cashews, figs and ghee. These barfis contain protein, fibres, vitamins and minerals.

Also, you can prepare peanuts laddus. Use roasted peanuts, jaggery, and dates for making laddus. These laddus are gluten-free and fat-free.

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We hope that you find these options useful and will make your fasting very healthy.

Wishing you a Happy Maha Shivratri!

Lead Image Credit: Indian Express

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