Sapne Vs Everyone Dialogues: Unveiling The 12 Power-Packed Quotes About Hard Realities Of Life!

Sapne Vs Everyone Dialogues: Unveiling The 12 Power-Packed Quotes About Reality Of Life!
Sapne Vs Everyone Dialogues: Unveiling The 12 Power-Packed Quotes About Hard Realities Of Life!
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TVF’s ‘Sapne Vs Everyone’ has taken the Indian web series arena by storm, earning the highest IMDb rating of 9.6. Directed and written by Ambrish Verma, the show navigates the turbulent journey of two passionate dreamers.

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Among its many strengths, the dialogues stand out, encapsulating the essence of dreams, struggles, and the relentless pursuit of one’s calling. Check out Sapne Vs Everyone Dialogues which give us the reality check of life.

Sapne Vs Everyone Dialogues

1. “Ab darr ghav se nahi, lagaav se lagta hai.”

– Fear is no longer from wounds, it’s felt from attachments.

2. “Paisa hona jaise cigarette peena mazedaar hai, par jaise kuch cigarette peene walon ko cancer ho jata hai, kuch paise wale ameer ho jate hain.”

– Drawing a parallel between money and the pleasure of smoking, the dialogue reflects the dual nature of wealth, both enticing and potentially harmful.

3. “Aap sab har din kisi na kisi ko ye roz batayenge ki aap bade ho kar kya banna chahoge…agar nahi bologe na toh shayad bhool jaoge ki banna kya tha. Aur ek baar bhool gaye toh phir baaki log aapko aake batayenge what you should be.”

– Emphasizing the importance of vocalizing one’s aspirations daily, the dialogue underscores the risk of forgetting one’s dreams if not consistently acknowledged.

4. “Aaj mere kuch saathi maar diye gaye ya maar diye jayenge par unke marne se pehle unhe unke mare hue sapne nazar aayenge.”

– Expressing the resilience of dreams even in the face of loss, the dialogue beautifully captures the enduring spirit of those who pursue their aspirations.

5. “Jungle hai ye abhi bhi, choice bas hai ki bhalu ban ke kha jao ya khargosh ban ke khaye jao.”

– Using the metaphor of a jungle, the dialogue highlights the choices individuals face, drawing parallels between survival instincts and life’s decisions.

Sapne Vs Everyone Dialogues
Credit: IMDb

6. “Asli mein na, talented insaan ja raha hota hai trophy lene, peeche se aata hai usse aadhe se bhi kam talented, woh is talented insaan ke muh pe do joot marta hai…aur trophy leke chala jata hai.”

– Shedding light on the harsh reality of competition, the dialogue exposes the cutthroat nature of success and the unexpected turns it can take.

7. “Umar bhar khayali bhooton se agar main na darta, Khuda main kya zor se jeeta? Khuda main kya chain se marta?”

– Reflecting on the fearlessness required to face imaginary fears, the dialogue poses existential questions about life’s struggles and victories.

8. “Ek insaan daraya gaya, tod diya gaya jitna toda ja saka, phir bhi uska agla kadam badta raha us disha mein, jis disha mein usne itna sab saha, mano usne khudko us jhoot pe yakeen dila diya tha ki, use amar hone ka vardaan hai.”

– Narrating a tale of resilience, the dialogue illustrates the strength to continue despite being broken and the power of self-belief in achieving immortality.

9. “‘Kabil bano success jhak maarke peeche aayegi’ likh diya kisi writer ne, black coffee peete peete, AC room mein baithke…maan liya cute-cute bhole-bhale ladke ladkiyon ne.”

– Satirizing the notion of success, the dialogue critiques the clichéd advice given by writers and challenges the conventional path to achievement.

10. “Main kyu daru apni naakami se? Khuda ne meri kamyabi bilkul mere hero ki tarah tay ki hogi.”

– Rejecting the fear of failure, the dialogue instills confidence by attributing success to a divine plan, akin to a hero’s journey.

11. “Ye dekh ye dekh, ghus raha hai tere andar dream pishaach nikaal ise.”

– Unleashing the metaphorical ‘dream demon’ within, the dialogue urges individuals to confront and release their hidden aspirations.

12. “Kahani tumhari hai. Ho sake toh kamaal likhna.”

– Empowering individuals to script their own stories, the dialogue encourages them to create remarkable narratives for themselves.

13. “Zindagi ke zimmedaariyon ke beech, khushiyaan kahan kho gayi pata hi nahi chala.”

– Amid life’s responsibilities, the dialogue questions the disappearance of happiness, prompting introspection on life’s true priorities.

14. “Main raat ko sone jata hu toh nind nahi aati kayi baar, dimaag mein ghumta rehta hai saara din jo hua aaj office mein…kisne kitni baar, maaf kijiyega, ch****a bola aur kal phir kis baat pe baizati karenge.”

– Reflecting on the restless nights haunted by workplace conflicts, the protagonist contemplates their daily struggles.

15. “Mehenge le liye kapde, joote, gaadi se hopping inki ho nahi rahi khatam…par phir bhi reh gaye fattu ye saare ke saare, kisi maal mein mila hi nahi g***d ka dum.”

– Despite flaunting luxury items, the characters are portrayed as cowardly and lacking in substance.

16. “Mein kon hu, din-dahade aane wala daaku, lootun bina glock, bina stick, bina chaku selling houses so fast bitch…they say I’ve got a cheat code rabbit ne fast kiya rap you gave him that name, mein fast karun sales, so call me sales God.”

– Identifying as a rapid-selling real estate agent without conventional weapons, the speaker claims the title of “sales God”.

Sapne Vs Everyone Dialogues
Credit: TVF

TVF’s ‘Sapne Vs Everyone’ not only captivates with its compelling storyline but also leaves an indelible mark through its poignant dialogues. Each line resonates with the viewers, echoing the universal struggles, triumphs, and the unwavering pursuit of dreams.

As the show continues to garner acclaim, these hard-hitting dialogues serve as a testament to its impact on the audience, solidifying its status as a cultural phenomenon.

Lead Image: TVF

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