12th Fail Dialogues: Vikrant Massey’s Stirring Quotes Define The Inspiring Path To Victory!

12th Fail Dialogues: Vikrant Massey's Stirring Quotes Define The Path To Victory!
12th Fail Dialogues: Vikrant Massey’s Stirring Quotes Define The Inspiring Path To Victory!

In a cinematic revelation, Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s latest creation, ’12th Fail,’ has emerged as a global phenomenon, amassing a staggering Rs 70 crore and claiming the unexpected sleeper hit title of 2023.

The film, now available on Disney+ Hotstar, stars the versatile Vikrant Massey, captivating audiences and earning accolades as the best Hindi movie of the year. In this blog check thought-provoking and impactful 12th Fail dialogues!

12th Fail Dialogues:

Diving into a compelling narrative rooted in reality, ’12th Fail’ explores the arduous journey of countless students striving to conquer the UPSC entrance exam.

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The film sheds light on the relentless struggles these aspirants endure, offering an intimate portrayal of their lives, dreams, and unwavering pursuit of success against formidable odds.

12th Fail Dialogues
Credit: VVC Films

Vikrant Massey’s extraordinary performance and physical metamorphosis have become the toast of the town, with audiences praising the ensemble cast and impactful dialogues as standout features.

Here, we delve into some of the poignant dialogues from Vikrant Massey’s ’12th Fail,’ a cinematic gem that has become the focal point of attention.

12th Fail Dialogues
Credit: VVC Films
  1. “Papa kehtey the, bahar ke andhere se nahhi, ander ke andhere se daro.”

  2. “Ye hum sab ki ladai hai, ek ka jeet hoga na toh karodon bhed-bakriyon ka jeet hoga.”

  3. “Ab janta agar padh likh gayi toh netaon ke liye badi samasya hojayegi, nahi?”

  4. “Nahi padha paatey ye baap apne bachon ko mehengey school mein. Lekin patahai, phir bhi ye log khali haath nahi aatey, jazbaa lekar aatey hai.”

  5. “Manoj, tum chahe IPS officer bano ya aata chakki mein kaam karo, main saari zindagi tumhare saath bitana chahti hu.”

  6. “Jiske paas power hai woh kabhi usse chhodhna he nahi chahta.”

  7. “Haar nahi maanunga, thaar nahi raar nahi thanunga.”

  8. “Tum jhooth ko bhi sach ki tarah boltey ho, news reporter banjao.”

  9. “2 lakh Hindi medium vidyarthiyon mein kewal 25-30 he ban paatey hai IAS, IPS. Baaki 199,970 cut to 0….fat gaya?”

’12th Fail’ stands as a powerful testament to the indomitable human spirit, capturing hearts with its authentic portrayal and leaving an indelible mark on the cinematic landscape of 2023.

Lead Image: VVC Films, English Jagran

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