Ranbir Kapoor Box Office: Analyzing Ranbir’s 10 Most Recent Box Office Performances!

Ranbir Kapoor Box Office: Analyzing Ranbir's 10 Most Recent Box Office Performances!
Ranbir Kapoor Box Office: Analyzing Ranbir’s 10 Most Recent Box Office Performances!
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Ranbir Kapoor is more than just a Bollywood heartthrob; he’s a cinematic chameleon who’s reshaped the landscape of Indian cinema with his eclectic roles and powerhouse performances.

Unlike many stars who stick to safe bets, Ranbir embraces a variety of roles, proving time and again that he’s not just a pretty face but a versatile actor willing to take risks.

With his latest release, Animal, Ranbir has soared to unprecedented heights, solidifying his status as a bona fide superstar.

Let’s dive deep into Ranbir Kapoor’s Box Office performance in the last 10 theatrical releases to see how they’ve performed at the Indian box office.

1. Animal – The Behemoth of the Box Office

Animal stands tall as Ranbir Kapoor’s highest-grossing film domestically, raking in staggering ₹554 crores.

This gripping narrative and stellar performance catapulted Ranbir into a new echelon of stardom, though it surprisingly didn’t earn the “super-duper hit” label. 

2. Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar – A Mix of Charm and Chaos

Coming in at ₹146 crores, Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar showcases Ranbir’s knack for blending charm with chaotic storytelling.

Despite its mixed reviews, the film managed to captivate a sizeable audience, proving that even his average performances are worth watching.

3. Brahmastra: Part One – Shiva – A Visual Extravaganza

Brahmastra: Part One – Shiva was an ambitious project, collecting ₹268 crores at the Indian box office.

While it was deemed average, the film’s visual effects and Ranbir’s magnetic presence were enough to keep fans engaged.

4. Shamshera – A Brave but Flawed Attempt

Shamshera, unfortunately, didn’t resonate with the masses, earning just ₹43 crores and being labeled a flop.

Despite its poor performance, Ranbir’s commitment to diverse roles remained evident. 

5. Sanju – The Biopic That Became a Blockbuster

Sanju, the biographical drama about Sanjay Dutt’s tumultuous life, was a massive success, amassing ₹341.22 crores.


It’s the only film on this list to be crowned a “super-duper hit.”

Ranbir’s portrayal of the controversial actor was nothing short of transformative, earning him critical acclaim and box office gold.

6. Jagga Jasoos – A Quirky Tale That Fell Short

Jagga Jasoos was a whimsical adventure that struggled to find its audience, grossing ₹53.38 crores.

This flop, however, showcased Ranbir’s ability to take on unconventional roles with zest and creativity, proving his dedication to storytelling over mere commercial success.

7. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil – Love, Loss, and Box Office Gains

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil was a romantic drama that hit the right notes with many, pulling in ₹112.50 crores.


This film, marked as a “plus,” highlighted Ranbir’s talent for portraying complex emotional landscapes, solidifying his reputation as a leading actor in romantic dramas.

8. Tamasha – The Storyteller’s Dream

Tamasha collected ₹65.50 crores and received an average verdict.

Despite its lukewarm box office performance, the film is often celebrated for its deep narrative and Ranbir’s compelling performance, further establishing his status as an actor who values artistic expression.

9. Bombay Velvet – A Noir Experiment Gone Awry

Bombay Velvet was a daring noir experiment that didn’t quite pay off, with a meager collection of ₹23.67 crores.


Labeled a flop, it remains one of Ranbir’s most ambitious yet misunderstood projects, underscoring his fearless approach to cinema.

10. Roy – A Tale of Two Halves


Roy earned ₹44.50 crores and was classified as average.

The film’s unique narrative structure and Ranbir’s intriguing performance kept audiences engaged, highlighting his ability to anchor even the most unconventional stories.

Ranbir Kapoor Box Office Analysis:

Ranbir Kapoor’s journey through these ten films is a testament to his unyielding spirit and commitment to the craft of acting.

While not all of his projects have been box office juggernauts, his willingness to explore diverse roles and genres sets him apart in the industry.

He has continuously pushed the boundaries, ensuring that his filmography is rich with variety and depth.

Ranbir’s upcoming lineup like Ramayana, Love And War, Animal Park, and Brahmastra Part 2 will ensure that he will remain top at Box Office in the coming years!

Ranbir’s choice of scripts and his fearless approach to tackling different genres have not only endeared him to audiences but also positioned him as a modern-day trailblazer in Bollywood.

From blockbuster biopics to ambitious fantasies, his films are a reflection of his dedication to evolving as an actor and entertainer.

Lead Image: T-Series, Fox Star Studios, Dharma Productions, News18

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