Brahmastra Part 2: Unique Predictions, Big Fan Theories of Most Awaited Part 2! Will SRK Return?

Brahmastra Part 2: Predictions, Fan Theories of Part 2! Will SRK Return?
Brahmastra Part 2: Predictions, Fan Theories of Part 2! Will SRK Return?
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Finally, Brahmastra Part One: Shiva has released in theatres last Friday. The film was in making for more than 5 years and Ayan was working on the script and idea for the last 10 years! This Ranbir Kapoor film is mounted on a budget of ₹400 Crores! The film has various characters and now that the film has a very good opening at Box Office, audiences are waiting for Brahmastra Part 2:Dev. Today, we have some Brahmastra Part 2: Predictions, Fan Theories of Part 2! And will SRK return in Part 2?

Brahmastra Part 2: Predictions

This article will have spoilers of Part One.

1. Dev:

It is very likely that the second part will be the story of Dev. It can prequel to Part One. Or part 2 will have Dev trying to get Brahmastra from Shiva. Also, it will be exploring the love story of Dev and Amrita and how they separated.

2. Guru:

From the film, it can be seen that Amitabh Bachchan’s character Guru was alive till the end and he will have a major role in part 2. Also. as per some YouTube videos, Guru may also have some grey shades and can have some history with Dev and Amrita. The younger version of Guru may be played by Divyendu Sharma as per some rumours.

3. Scientist

According to some crazy fan theory, fans are expecting the Multiverse of Ayaan’s film where Mohan Bhargav of Swades is the scientist in Brahmastra Part One: Shiva.

But, it is possible that SRK’s character can be seen in Brahmastra Part 2. Or maybe there is a spin-off of his character. Theatres were seen cheering and hooting when SRK came on screen, so makers might think of a spin-off or taking the character forward in Part 2.

4. Artist:

One more character who got loud cheering in theatres was Nagarjuna’s character Anish Shetty/Artist. His Nandi Astra was powerful and how he got it can be shown in the second part.

5. Isha:

In the film, Alia’s character was nothing more than the love interest of Shiva. But many are speculating that in the second part her character can be meatier. Some are saying she may have a role similar to Goddess Parvati, wife of Lord Shiva. Because whenever Isha is around Shiva’s character gets power that is Shakti.

Also, nothing was shown about the background of Alia’s character Isha. So there is some level of excitement among the fans.

6. Junoon:

Mouni Roy was a scene stealer in the film. She just played her role to T. Here also, how Junoon got her powers and her backstory was not explored. There may be a high chance, that Junoon is the daughter of Amrita and Dev because during the climax fight she was shown using the powers of Jalastra. So it might turn out that Shiva and Junoon may be brother and sister where Junoon was with her father Dev and Shiva with Amrita when they separated.

Let’s see how this is going to turn out in the film or maybe Junoon may just be a messenger who was just doing her work.

7. Shiva:

At the end of the film, it was shown that Ranbir had 6 hands which can be because he got the powers of Brahmastra. He may have Brahmastra with him and has powers to control it. In part 2, Dev can be seen fighting with Shiva for Brahmastra.

Let’s hope the second part will be made soon. In an interview with Indian Express, Ayan told that the second part will release in 2025.

Image Credit: Dharma Productions, Hindustan Times

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