Following Aamir Khan, these Bollywood Actors have Quit Social Media during these trying times!

Following Aamir Khan, these Bollywood Actors have Quit Social Media during these trying times!
Following Aamir Khan, these Bollywood Actors have Quit Social Media during these trying times!

Social media is a crazy world. Since its inception, the Internet has been a hotbed of controversy over the pros and cons of social media. One cannot deny the power that is available on social media. While it can be a blessing in more than one way – to share stories, explore the truth, grow small business and most importantly, create awareness. The fullness of information and the pressure to stay active can be devastating. It was the same with these Bollywood celebs who decided to release their thumbs from the fold and put their minds to ease. Here is the number of people who are on social media detox! Lest see which Bollywood actors have quit social media.

Aamir Khan and Amit Sadh are some of the Bollywood actors who have Quit Social Media.

1. Aamir Khan:

Bollywood actors who have Quit Social Media : Aamir Khan
image source: Hindustan Times

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan recently announced that he is cutting off social media as he seeks to focus on his career. He has taken to social media to share a heartfelt note with all his fans and aspirants.

2. Amit Sadh:

Bollywood actors who have Quit Social Media : Amit Sadh
image source: Estrade Herald

Actor Amit Sadh has informed his fans that he will be going offline from social media. He has had a long post on Instagram and said that due to the growing cases of Covid-19 he does not want to express his privileges and will not post his exercise videos or other posts on social media.

3. Fatima Sana Shaikh:

Fatima Sana Shaikh
image source: WikiBioPic

Recently seen in Ajeeb Daastans actress Fatima Sana Shaikh also bid adieu to social media. She announced on an Instagram story that she is taking a break from social media and also told her followers to stay safe. Fatima recently recovered from Covid-19 asked her followers about the process of donating plasma.

4. Esha Gupta:

Actress Esha Gupta also took a break from social media and told her followers that her team will share the information regarding the help and resources during these times.  She wrote, “We are in this together. Seeing the situation in our country my family and I have contributed beds and essentials. Every day seeing what our country is going through is just painful. I wish everyone who reads this a healthy life and prays for your families safety. Going off social media, but please continue sharing verified information so my team can share with all of you. Please take care and be grateful and kind towards one another.”

5. Warina Hussain:

 Warina Hussain
image source: Bollywood Hungama

Actress Warina Hussain has now left social media sharing her last post telling her fans the same. She reported a perpetual exit from social media in a post and cited Aamir Khan’s statement as well. While there has been no explanation offered for why she has opted to stay away from social media, Hussain has guaranteed her fans that her staff will keep on carrying out news about her upcoming work.

Lead Image Credits: Hindustan Times, Bollywood Hungama

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