Best TVF Series To Watch: Check Out The Top TVF Shows!

Best TVF Series To Watch: Check Out The Top TVF Shows!
Best TVF Series To Watch: Check Out The Top TVF Shows!
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Viral Fever or TVF is known for its hilarious parodies of famous shows and movies. The founder of TVF is Arunabh Kumar. Starting in 2010, TVF is a streaming platform and has its YouTube channel too. Mostly TVF creates shows for the young urban population of India. TVF’s YouTube channel has close to 10 Million subscribers. TVF is the first pathfinder of the web series ecosystem in India. It all started with Permanent Roommates and then Pitchers. Similar to OTT platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, Netflix and others, TVF too offers a wide range of shows. Be it comedy, romance or drama TVF has a variety of shows to watch. In this article, we will list the top TVF series you can watch.

Best TVF Series To Watch:

1. Pitchers:

Started in 2015, this show is about four youngsters who want to enter the entrepreneurial world. They quit their IT job and start their own startup. It captures the life of IT professionals and their friendship, love and heartbreak. Actors like Naveen Kasturia and Jeetendra Kumar give good performances and make it a must-watch series.

TVF Pitchers has five episodes that are fun and interesting. You can stream this show on TVF Website or Streaming App. Pitchers show is one of the best TVF series to watch and it will return with the second season soon.

2. Permanent Roommates:

It is one of the first web series created in India. TVF Permanent Roommates deals with the lifestyle of a young couple in urban India. It recounts the tale of a youthful couple, who are in a long-distance relationship and as the show advances, it portrays the cutting-edge issues of a relationship.

TVF Permanent Roommates gave India its first digital superstars – Sumeet Vyas, Jitendra Kumar, Nidhi Singh, and Rasika Dugal.

It is available to watch on Youtube or the TVF streaming app/website.

3. Yeh Meri Family:

A web series that depicts the youth of every 90s kid that a significant number of us can identify with. ‘Yeh Meri Family” is a pleasure trip through a world of nostalgic memories.

The series is legit and simple with incredible characters, a decent storyline, and great music. You can definitely binge-watch this show if you are a 90s kid and want to relive that life.

4. Tripling:

TVF Tripling recounts the narrative of three kin who met after a long time and set on a trip to discover things about themselves and their connections. The show is a mishmash of humour, mockery, feelings, and satire.

This series shows great chemistry between Sumeet Vyas, Maanvi Gagroo and Amol Parashar. Also, it has strong supporting roles from Kunaal Roy Kapur, Shernaz Patel, Nidhi Bisht, Kumud Mishra, and Nidhi Bisht. Shernaz Patel.

TVF Tripling has two seasons and both series are binge-worthy.

5. Kota Factory:

One of the best shows to come out from TVF. Kota Factory perfectly captures the lives of students, who are studying in Kota for the preparation of IIT entrance exams. Kota Factory captures the reality of IIT coaching class students in a perfect and realistic way.

TVF Kota Factory has romance, comedy and drama. Also, the black and white cinematography plays an essential role in giving us the clue that colourful characters exist in the colourless environment. The characters such as Vaibhav, Uday and Meena give us a glimpse of peer pressure and aspirations. Also, the famous Jeetu Bhaiya and his inspiring words for Vaibhav make a mark.

You can stream this show on Youtube.

6. Hostel Daze:

TVF Hostel Daze gives you the nostalgia of your college and hostel life. It also comments on the Indian education system but in a subtle way without going overboard. The performances of the entire cast and the comic timing from Nikhil Vijay make it a binge-worthy series. Also, the second season of Hostel Daze is back. 

You can watch both series on Amazon Prime Video. 

7. Cubicles:

After exploring various college and hostel dramas, TVF Cubicles deals with corporate jobs and IT professional’s life. A web series that catches the account of 22-year-old Piyush Prajapati who strolls into his first day at a job in an IT Company. It tells the story of a middle-class guy who just needs a job and how he handles the various issue in his office. 

TVF Cubicles is a very simple story and has five episodes that every IT professional can relate to.

You can stream this show on YouTube.

8. Aspirants:

TVF Aspirants is one of the top-rated shows of this year. Aspirants show the struggle and life of Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) aspirants. Similar to Kota Factory, this series too show the struggle of aspirants to crack UPSC exams by joining coaching classes and how they face various problems to achieve this dream. 

Watch this series for the excellent performances by Naveen Kasturia, Sunny Hinduja, Namita Dubey, Shivankit Parihar, and Abhilash Thapliyal. Sunny Hinduja as Sandeep Bhaiya steals the show and has created quite a buzz on social media. 

You can stream this show on YouTube.

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9. Gullak:

TVF Gullak conveys a basic tale about the regular daily existence of a working middle-class family.

Once in a while get to watch a show that is spontaneously relatable and brings countless smiles and feelings out of the spectators. After the successful season 1, Gullak also has season 2.

You can watch Gullak seasons 1 & 2 on Sony Liv streaming app.

10. Panchayat:

One of the best shows TVF has created is Panchayat. Featuring Jeetendra Kumar, Panchayat is about an engineer who takes the job of Secretary in Gram Panchayat due to a lack of better jobs in the corporate sector. It is a parody of the difficulties he faces during his tenure in the workplace and the dry humour has predominated upon innumerable individuals who have seen this show. 

Raghubeer Yadav and Neena Gupta have a good presence in the series and they just live the character. Panchayat is a beautiful, light-hearted series about rural India and is very simple in its approach and treatment. Also, the good acting and great story make this series a must binge-watching series.

You can watch this series on Amazon Prime Video. 

You Can Also Watch These TVF Series  For One Time Watch:

  1. Flames
  2. I’m MATURE
  3. Humorously Yours
  4. The Aam Aadmi Family
  5. TVF Bachelors

Lead Image Credits: IMDb,, Cinestaan

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