Instagram Tips and Tricks!

Instagram Tips and Tricks for 2021
Instagram Tips and Tricks for 2021

Thinking about how to increase Instagram likes and followers? We have got you some Instagram Tips and Tricks for the year 2021. These tips will make your individual or brand account to the next level.

Check out these tips and tricks.

Top Instagram Tips and Tricks for 2021:

1. Know your niche or speciality:

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If you have a business account then find your niche and create some posts regarding your niche.

If your niche is fashion then you can post about men’s and women’s fashion(seasonal clothes). You will surely find your audience and followers after this.

2. Optimize your Highlights:

Optimize your Highlights- Instagram tips and tricks

Your Instagram stories’ highlights mention a lot about you. It can act as your mini-website.

Organise your stories into different highlights such as Food, Travel, Romance, Movies, etc. Organising your highlights can tell a lot about you or your brand.

Share reviews or testimonials about your brand in the highlights. Also, you can About us or contact us in highlights.

3. Optimize your Profile:

You should add a relevant username on your profile that will suit your niche.

In only 150 characters, your Instagram Bio needs to establish an incredible first impression, pass on your brand personality, and explain to individuals why they should try following your Instagram account.

Give a better Call to Action button on your profile so that your followers can contact you. You can also add your website URL in your bio.

Choose the right profile pic for your account which can convey your brand speciality.


4. Create Visually Attractive Content:

Instagram being a visual medium your photos or videos should be attractive, well-edited, good-lit, sharp and minimal.

Consider the following points while creating visually compelling posts:

  • Post more vertical-shaped photos: People mostly prefer vertical photos of 4 X 5 height. It looks good and well-occupied on the Instagram feed.
  • Quality camera: Make use of a DSLR or professional camera for capturing your product or subject. You can also use a high-end smartphone camera and edit it afterwards.
  • Use of high-quality photo editing app: For better-looking photos, you can use photo editing apps such as Lightroom, Snapseed, Canva, and PicsArt.
  • Captions:
    Captions should be consistent with the photos you post.It should convey your brand or individual presence. These captions can be 2200 characters long where you can also do storytelling or just a quick quip. Your caption should be short, minimal, relevant or compelling. It can be sarcastic, entertaining or informative.


5. Create Reels: Instagram Tips and Tricks

You cannot ignore Reels if you want to up your Instagram account. Try posting on Reels, since Instagram has changed the design of the application to make the Reels feed available from your profile.

Compared to Instagram Stories, IGTV and Live, Reels has got the main focus from Instagram. So content creators, influencers or social media brand managers can consider making Reels and join the hype.

All things considered, it’s most likely a brilliant plan to get on board with and make a few Reels. It will help to grow your presence and visibility on Instagram.

6. Be Consistent:


Consistency is the key! If you need to grow your Instagram account, you should post regularly and consistently.

You can shoot various photos or create content and post them regularly.

Also, you can schedule your posts from social media management tools.

7. Be Yourself!


Yes, it sounds cliche but it is the truth.

Post original and interesting content which suits you or your brand.

Your unique style will make you stand apart from others on social media.

Conclusion: Instagram Tips and Tricks 2021

So these are the tips and tricks for Instagram in 2021.

There will be lots of features coming to o Instagram this year. So we’ll keep you updated. Till then stay tuned to this site.

Let us know in the comments which tip or trick you liked the most.


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