Bollywood Trivia Quiz: Guess These Films From These Epic Characters And Score Above 5!

Bollywood Trivia Quiz: Can you guess these films from these characters!
Bollywood Trivia Quiz: Can you guess these films from these characters!

Love Bollywood Movies? Know every character? We bring you the quiz on characters of Bollywood films out of which some are famous movies and some are duds. Play this Bollywood Trivia Quiz and share it with your friends.

Want to show off your filmi keeda? Try answering these questions and let us know how much you know about Bollywood and its characters! Answer these simple questions from the images and guess the correct film name mentioned in the options. Bollywood films have various characters and supporting actors. Sometimes some Hindi film actors look the same in all films(like Bhai, Katrina or even Tiger Shroff). Can you identify from which film they are by just looking at these stills? If yes, then play this quiz and let us know in the comments! 

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Bollywood Trivia Quiz is here! 

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Bollywood Trivia Quiz: Guess these films from these characters!

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Guess this outstanding film! LOL !

Ananya Pandey

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Guess this film!

Varun Dhawan

3 / 7

Guess this film!

Tiger Shroff

4 / 7

Guess this film!

Guess this film!

5 / 7

Too Easy !!! Guess this film!

Vanita Kharat

6 / 7

Guess this film

Ranbir Kapoor

7 / 7

Guess the film!

Shahid Kapoor

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Quiz Images Credit: News18, Global Rumour, Times of India, SpacingIn, SheThePeople, Deccan Chronicle, Pinterest

Lead Images Credit: News18, Times of India

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