Shaktimaan Movie Details: Ranveer Singh Will Start Shoot In 2025, Check All Details With Release Date!

Shaktimaan Movie Details: Ranveer Singh Will Start Shoot In 2025, Check All Details With Release Date!
Shaktimaan Movie Details: Ranveer Singh Will Start Shoot In 2025, Check All Details With Release Date!

In a groundbreaking announcement, it’s revealed that Ranveer Singh is set to don the iconic cape of Shaktimaan, India’s beloved superhero, in a trilogy film series. Produced by Sony Pictures India and Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment, this ambitious project marks a new chapter in Bollywood’s superhero genre. Check out Shaktimaan Movie details with release date, shooting schedule and more!

Shaktimaan Movie Details:

Ranveer Singh’s portrayal of Shaktimaan will not only showcase his versatility but also pay homage to Mukesh Khanna’s legendary portrayal on the iconic DD National TV show. The actor is set to embody both the superhero persona and his alter ego, Pandit Gangadhar, a quirky photographer, adding depth to the character.

Shaktimaan Movie Director:

Basil Joseph, the visionary behind the Malayalam superhero film Minnal Murali, takes the director’s chair for this magnum opus.

Collaborating with writers from Minnal Murali and the acclaimed TVF series Gullak, Joseph aims to capture the essence of Shaktiman’s legacy while infusing fresh perspectives.

With a staggering budget of 300 crores for each installment, this trilogy promises grandeur on an unprecedented scale. Scripting, led by Arun Anirudhan, Justin Mathew, and Durgesh Singh, is slated for completion by year-end, followed by an extensive pre-production phase.

Shaktimaan Movie Release Date:

Scheduled to kick off filming in the second quarter of 2025, the project targets a festive weekend release in 2026, heightening anticipation among fans and critics alike.

Shaktimaan Movie Details: Release Date
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But before donning the superhero mantle, Ranveer Singh wraps up shooting for Farhan Akhtar’s Don 3, where he steps into the shoes of the iconic character.

Ranveer Singh’s Upcoming Movies:

First up on his agenda is his involvement in the highly-anticipated film, “Singham Again,” led by Ajay Devgn. Contrary to rumors, Singh’s role in the movie is not just a fleeting appearance but a meticulously crafted character, showcasing his acting prowess. He is dedicating over 50 days to shoot his part, adding depth to Rohit Shetty’s cop universe.

Singham Again, Don 3 In Pipeline For Ranveer’s Lineup:

Following the completion of “Singham Again,” Singh will dive into the realm of the iconic character, Don, in Farhan Akhtar’s “Don 3.”

Shaktimaan Movie Details
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Recognizing the significance of portraying such an iconic role previously held by legends like Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan, Singh is undergoing rigorous workshops to embody the essence of Don. The film is slated to begin filming in late 2024, promising an exhilarating cinematic experience.

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While Singh’s upcoming releases, “Singham Again” and “Don 3,” are already generating buzz for their respective release years, 2024 and 2025, “Shaktimaan” is poised to captivate audiences in 2026.

Shaktimaan Movie Details: Ranveer Singh's upcoming movies
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Additionally, Singh is exploring collaborations with directors from the South to expand his cinematic footprint and elevate the stakes to a pan-India level.

With his unwavering commitment and diverse range of roles, Ranveer Singh continues to solidify his position as one of Bollywood’s most exciting and bankable stars, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating his future endeavors.

As the anticipation mounts, audiences can expect Ranveer Singh to deliver yet another memorable performance, solidifying his status as one of Bollywood’s most versatile actors. Stay tuned for more updates on this monumental cinematic endeavor!

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