Pratik Sehajpal’s Fitness Journey In Jab Mila Tu And How He Didn’t Eat For 24 Hours!

Pratik Sehajpal's Fitness Journey In Jab Mila Tu And How He Didn't Eat For 24 Hours!
Pratik Sehajpal’s Fitness Journey In Jab Mila Tu And How He Didn’t Eat For 24 Hours!
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In the vibrant world of Bollywood, where versatility is the key, actor Pratik Sehajpal embarks on a unique adventure with his role in “Jab Mila Tu.” Delving into the intricacies of character preparation, Pratik shares the insights and challenges that shaped his portrayal and enriched the film’s authenticity. Explore Pratik Sehajpal’s fitness journey in ‘Jab Mila Tu,’ featuring disciplined dieting and a 24-hour fast!

Pratik Sehajpal’s Fitness & Transformation Journey For Jab Mila Tu:

Punjabi Accent Inspiration:

In a bid to infuse authenticity into his character, Pratik reveals his commitment to adopting a Punjabi accent. Drawing inspiration from the lively streets of Delhi, especially West Delhi, the actor decided to exaggerate the local dialect.

Pratik Sehajpal's Fitness & Transformation Journey
Credit: Jio Cinema

This newfound accent has seamlessly become a part of his daily life, permeating activities as routine as waking up, sitting down, or engaging in casual conversations.

Pratik shares, “Sometimes, serious talks sound like jokes because of the accent. It adds authenticity to my characters, influenced by observations in Delhi, even from simple moments like encounters in the metro.”

This intentional linguistic transformation breathes life into his role, elevating the character beyond the script.

A Departure from the Ordinary:

Exploring the allure of his character in “Jab Mila Tu,” Pratik describes it as a departure from his previous roles. The character is unique, free-spirited, and exudes an infectious sense of fun.

Reading the script, Pratik found himself eagerly anticipating certain dialogues, creating a sense of excitement that fueled his passion for the role.

He shares, “The role captures attention and adds a fresh, enjoyable element. I saw it as a fun and different opportunity, so I took it.”

This willingness to embrace a character that stands apart from the norm reflects Pratik’s commitment to diversifying his acting portfolio.

Living the Character:

Portraying a character authentically comes with its set of challenges, and Pratik embraced them with open arms. Immersing himself deeply into the role, he found that the character’s challenges felt real because he was living and behaving like the character even off-camera.

Pratik reflects, “My natural accent leans towards Hindi, and incorporating a Punjabi tone, along with using Punjabi words in my daily life, was a novel experience.”

This commitment to authenticity went beyond language, extending to his physical transformation.

Physical Transformation and Dietary Discipline of Pratik:

Pratik took on the challenge of sculpting his body to embody the character’s physicality. Making a conscious decision to stop eating carbohydrates, he pushed his limits by staying hungry for extended periods, including a remarkable 24 hours.

Pratik Sehajpal's Fitness & Transformation Journey
Credit: Jio Cinema

This disciplined approach wasn’t limited to the dining table but extended to his body shots during filming. The commitment to maintaining a ripped physique added an extra layer of authenticity to his character portrayal.

Pratik’s dedication to the physical aspects of his role highlights the lengths actors go to for a genuine and impactful cinematic experience.

A Thoroughly Enjoyable Experience:

In the realm of acting, where versatility is celebrated, Pratik Sehajpal’s journey with “Jab Mila Tu” stands as a testament to the actor’s commitment to his craft.

From adopting a Punjabi accent to undergoing a disciplined physical transformation, Pratik’s approach to his character reflects a genuine passion for storytelling.

The challenges encountered in bringing the character to life were not merely hurdles but opportunities for growth and exploration.

Pratik Sehajpal's Fitness & Transformation Journey
Credit: Jio Cinema

Pratik summarizes his experience, stating, “Surprisingly, it turned out to be a lot of fun. I wouldn’t label it a challenge; it was a thoroughly enjoyable new experience.”

As “Jab Mila Tu” awaits its moment in the cinematic spotlight, Pratik Sehajpal’s journey behind the scenes adds an extra layer of anticipation for the audience, promising a character that goes beyond the surface, bringing authenticity and vibrancy to the silver screen.

Lead Image:  Jio Cinema, India Forums

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