Laapata Ladies Controversy: Did Kiran Rao’s Film Steal Its Plot From 1999 Ananth Mahadevan’s Telefilm?

Laapata Ladies Controversy: Did Kiran Rao’s Film Steal Its Plot From 1999 Ananth Mahadevan’s Telefilm?
Laapata Ladies Controversy: Did Kiran Rao’s Film Steal Its Plot From 1999 Ananth Mahadevan’s Telefilm?
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The Bollywood buzz has been electrified by a new controversy. Some sharp-eyed netizens have alleged that the highly acclaimed film Laapata Ladies might be a rip-off.

Check out the full Laapata Ladies controversy in this blog!

Laapata Ladies Controversy: 

Laapata Ladies Controversy
Image: Hindustan Times

As per some netizens, the film is a copy of Ananth Mahadevan’s 1999 telefilm ‘Ghoonghat Ke Pat Khol’, which aired on Doordarshan Gold as part of the Director’s Cut series.

The Rise of Laapata Ladies:

‘Laapata Ladies’, written and directed by Kiran Rao, has garnered widespread praise from critics and audiences alike.

The film’s nuanced take on patriarchy and misogyny, coupled with its intricate craftsmanship and superb execution, has won hearts across India.

It even surpassed the popular film ‘Animal’ in terms of views on Netflix, cementing its place as a significant cinematic work.

Accusations of Plagiarism on Laapata Ladies:

However, the film’s glory is now under threat. Allegations have surfaced, claiming that the entire storyline and subject matter of ‘Laapata Ladies’ have been copied from ‘Ghoonghat Ke Pat Khol’.

Laapata Ladies Controversy
Credit: X

Social media has become a battleground, with many standing in solidarity with Ananth Mahadevan, who himself has accused the makers of ‘Laapata Ladies’ of plagiarism.

Laapata Ladies Controversy
Credit: X

‘Ghoonghat Ke Pat Khol – The Original Film 

Ananth Mahadevan’s ‘Ghoonghat Ke Pat Khol’ was inspired by the plot of ‘Noukadubi’ by Rabindranath Tagore.

This connection has not gone unnoticed, with many pointing out the similarities between the telefilm and ‘Laapata Ladies’.

Mahadevan, a veteran screenwriter and filmmaker, is known for his works like ‘Gour Hari Dastaan’, ‘Aksar’, and ‘Dil Maange More’.

He has also acted in several films, showcasing his versatility in the industry.

The Removal Of ‘Ghoonghat Ke Pat Khol From YouTube

In a curious turn of events, ‘Ghoonghat Ke Pat Khol’, which was previously available on YouTube, has been removed around the time of ‘Laapata Ladies” release.

This has added fuel to the fire, with conspiracy theories abounding about the timing and reasons behind the removal.

Bollywood’s Plagiarism Problem

This controversy is not an isolated incident. Bollywood has a long history of accusations related to plagiarism and illegitimate remakes.

Kiran Rao and producer Aamir Khan, who were recently praised for the bold statement and execution of ‘Laapata Ladies’, now find themselves under scrutiny.

They are being viewed as part of an industry that often struggles with original content.

Official Responses

As of now, there has been no official statement from Kiran Rao or Aamir Khan addressing these allegations. Fans and critics alike are eagerly waiting for their response, hoping for clarity amidst the chaos.

The Bigger Picture

The controversy surrounding ‘Laapata Ladies’ highlights a broader issue within the entertainment industry.

The balance between inspiration and plagiarism is a delicate one. While it’s common for artists to draw inspiration from existing works, the line between homage and theft can sometimes blur.

Looking Forward

Despite the controversy, ‘Laapata Ladies’ remains a film that has sparked important conversations about gender and society.


If the allegations are proven true, it will undoubtedly cast a shadow over its achievements. However, it also opens up a crucial dialogue about the importance of originality in storytelling.

Final Thoughts

The unfolding drama around ‘Laapata Ladies’ and ‘Ghoonghat Ke Pat Khol’ is a reminder of the complexities within the creative industries. It serves as a call to filmmakers to strive for originality and respect for the works that inspire them.

Stay tuned for more updates as this story develops. Whether you’re a fan of Bollywood dramas or a critic of its flaws, this controversy is sure to keep the conversation going.

Lead Image: Aamir Khan Films, Hindustan Times

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