Iconic 90s Bollywood Action Films Which Can Have Sequels Like Gadar 2! Check List!

Iconic 90s Bollywood Action Films Which Can Have Sequels Like Gadar 2! Check List!
Iconic 90s Bollywood Action Films Which Can Have Sequels Like Gadar 2! Check List!
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The 1990s marked a golden era for Hindi cinema, especially in the action genre. It was a time when filmmakers pushed the boundaries of storytelling, stunts, and emotions, creating timeless classics that still hold a special place in our hearts.  Sunny Deol’s greatest blockbuster Gadar got a sequel Gadar 2 and is creating box office history now.

As we journey back to that era, we can’t help but wonder which of these iconic films deserve sequels in the coming years. Join us as we explore the best 90s Bollywood Action Films that have the potential to continue their legacy on the silver screen.

90s Bollywood Action Films Which Can Have Sequels:

Border (1997)

“Border,” directed by J.P. Dutta, is not just a film; it’s an emotion. Set against the backdrop of the Indo-Pak war 1971, the movie showcased the bravery and sacrifice of Indian soldiers. The camaraderie and courage depicted in the film resonated deeply with the audience.

90s Bollywood Action Films Which Can Have Sequels: Border 2
Credit: TOI

A sequel could explore the lives of the next generation, their challenges, and their dedication to carrying forward the legacy of their predecessors. Also, it is reported that after the massive success of Gadar 2, the makers of Border are planning to come up with Border 2.

Sarfarosh (1999)

90s Bollywood Action Films Which Can Have Sequels: Sarfarosh 2
Credit: Zoom News

Aamir Khan’s “Sarfarosh” not only entertained but also raised important questions about terrorism and national security. With the current global scenario, a sequel could explore more complex and contemporary issues while showcasing the protagonist’s evolution as a top cop.

Dil Se.. (1998)

90s Bollywood Action Films Which Can Have Sequels: Dil Se...
Credit: Madras Talkies

Mani Ratnam’s “Dil Se..” beautifully blended romance and action against the backdrop of insurgency in Northeast India. The film’s ambiguous ending left fans yearning for more. A sequel could provide closure to the enigmatic storyline and explore the aftermath of its events.

Soldier (1998)

“Soldier” was one of the earliest successful attempts at the action-thriller genre in Bollywood. Starring Bobby Deol, the film’s suspenseful narrative and high-octane action sequences captured the audience’s imagination.

90s Bollywood Action Films Which Can Have Sequels: Soldier 2
Credit: Tips

A sequel could take the story forward, diving deeper into the protagonist’s covert operations while maintaining the suspense element.

Khiladi (1992)

90s Bollywood Action Films: Khiladi
Credit: Venus Records

Akshay Kumar’s breakthrough film, “Khiladi,” became a successful franchise. However, a direct sequel to the original, exploring the character’s growth from a carefree youth to a mature individual, could be an intriguing proposition.

Mohra (1994)

90s Bollywood Action Films: Mohra
Credit: ZEE5

With a gripping storyline and chart-topping music, “Mohra” was a massive hit. A sequel could reimagine the cat-and-mouse game between law enforcement and criminals, incorporating modern investigative techniques and a fresh perspective.

Arjun Pandit (1999)

The 1999 action-packed blockbuster, “Arjun Pandit,” stands as a testament to the prowess of Bollywood’s legendary actor, Sunny Deol. With its gripping storyline, powerful performances, and heart-pounding action sequences, the film left an indelible mark on Hindi cinema.

90s Bollywood Action Films: Arjun Pandit
Credit: T-Series

In crafting a sequel to “Arjun Pandit,” the filmmakers have the chance to build upon the foundation of the first film while taking the story in exciting new directions.

Action-Packed Sequels Can Expect Blockbuster Response:

The 90s Hindi action films hold a special place in the hearts of cinephiles, and the idea of seeing sequels to these iconic movies is undeniably exciting. As we look to the future of Bollywood, these potential sequels have the opportunity to not only capture the essence of the originals but also introduce these beloved stories to a new generation.

It’s a delicate balance between honoring the past and embracing the future, and with the right blend of nostalgia and innovation, these sequels could reignite the magic of the 90s action cinema for years to come.


Lead Image: Tips, IMDb, JP Films


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