15 Bollywood Movies That Were Ahead Of Their Time, Check Where To Watch On OTT!

15 Bollywood Movies That Were Ahead Of Their Time, Check Where To Watch On OTT!
15 Bollywood Movies That Were Ahead Of Their Time, Check Where To Watch On OTT!
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Bollywood, known for its vibrant and diverse film industry, has seen its fair share of groundbreaking movies that have challenged conventions and pushed boundaries.

In this blog, we’ll delve into 15 Bollywood movies that were ahead of their time, exploring themes, narratives, and styles that set new benchmarks for Indian cinema.

Bollywood Movies That Were Ahead Of Their Time:

1. Go Goa Gone (2013): Youtube

“Go Goa Gone” breaks the mold with its unique blend of humor, satire, and zombie horror set against the backdrop of Goa.

A group of friends encounters a zombie outbreak during a rave party, leading to hilarious yet thrilling escapades.

Its unconventional genre mashup made it a standout in Bollywood’s filmography.

2. Paanch (2003):

“Panch” emerges as a gritty crime thriller, plunging into the intricate lives of five individuals ensnared in a botched kidnapping attempt.

Addressing themes of violence, corruption, and unbridled intensity, the film unflinchingly exposes the harsh realities of society.

Despite encountering censorship hurdles, its unwavering depiction retains its relevance, echoing societal truths that persist to this day.

3. Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota (2018): Netflix

In this quirky action-comedy, a young man with a rare insensitivity to pain embarks on a mission to fight injustice.


Breaking stereotypes in Bollywood’s action genre, the film offers an innovative approach to martial arts and humor, captivating audiences with its fresh perspective.

4. Bhavesh Joshi Superhero (2018): Disney+ Hotstar

“Bhavesh Joshi Superhero” follows the journey of a vigilante taking on corruption and injustice in society.

With its gritty realism and exploration of social issues, the film offers a refreshing take on the superhero genre, challenging conventional narratives and inspiring viewers with its message of hope.

5. Kaalakaandi (2018): Disney+ Hotstar

“Kaalakaandi” emerges as a dark comedy entwining myriad narratives against the backdrop of Mumbai.

It delves into the lives of diverse characters, intricately linked by destiny. The film challenges conventions in Bollywood’s comedy genre through its nonlinear storytelling and audacious narrative.

Offering a fresh perspective on urban life and human connections, “Kaalakaandi” pushes boundaries, inviting viewers to navigate the complexities of existence with humor and insight.

6. Rocket Singh: Salesman Of The Year (2009): Amazon Prime Video

“Rocket Singh” offers a refreshingly relatable tale of a young salesman navigating the corporate world with honesty and integrity.

Defying conventional business practices, the film emphasizes ethical entrepreneurship and workplace ethics, resonating with audiences for its authenticity and sincerity.

7. Monsoon Wedding (2001): Prime Video

Set against the backdrop of a chaotic Punjabi wedding, “Monsoon Wedding” is a vibrant ensemble drama that explores themes of love, family, and societal norms.

Its candid portrayal of contemporary Indian culture and taboo subjects broke new ground, making it a groundbreaking film of its time.

8. Delhi Belly (2011): Netflix

“Delhi Belly” is a riotous comedy chronicling the escapades of three roommates caught in a whirlwind of mishaps.

With its irreverent humor and frenetic storytelling, the film dares to defy norms. It fearlessly portrays the chaos of urban life, earning a cult following for its boldness and audacity.

In a landscape where conformity reigns, “Delhi Belly” stands out as a refreshing and unapologetic celebration of chaos and hilarity.

9. Dev D (2009): Netflix

A modern reimagining of “Devdas,” tracing a young man’s turbulent path through heartache, addiction, and existential angst.

Its daring depiction of city life and electrifying soundtrack breathed new life into Indian cinema’s coming-of-age landscape.

10. Tumbbad (2018): Prime Video

“Tumbbad” delves into the realms of dark fantasy, delving deep into themes of greed, mythology, and the human psyche as it follows a man consumed by his obsession with a cursed treasure.

With its opulent visual narrative and eerie ambiance, the film establishes fresh standards for Indian cinema, stretching the limits of storytelling and imagination.

11. No Smoking (2007): Jio Cinema

“No Smoking” embarks on a surreal odyssey into the psyche of a chain smoker, transporting viewers into a bizarre realm where quitting smoking becomes a perilous quest.

Its abstract narrative and provocative themes defy traditional storytelling, offering a cinematic experience that transcends boundaries.

By challenging conventions, “No Smoking” retains its status as a film ahead of its time, provoking thought and sparking discussions on addiction, control, and the human psyche.

12. Swades (2004): 

“Swades” narrates the journey of an NRI scientist who returns to his roots and immerses himself in grassroots development initiatives.

Defying the prevalent brain drain narrative, the film highlights rural empowerment and patriotism, resonating deeply with audiences for its sincere depiction of India’s heartland.

By championing the cause of local communities and celebrating the spirit of nation-building, “Swades” strikes a chord with viewers, inspiring a sense of pride and connection to the country’s grassroots.

13. Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro (1983): Amazon Prime Video

“Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro” stands as a dark satire exploring corruption and political machinations, earning its place as a timeless cult classic ahead of its era.

Blending sharp social commentary with slapstick humor, the film delivers a biting critique of societal deterioration that remains pertinent in contemporary times.

Through its clever storytelling and sharp wit, “Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro” continues to resonate, serving as a poignant reminder of the enduring relevance of its themes amidst the complexities of modern society.

14. Udaan (2010): Netflix

“Udaan” unfolds as a poignant coming-of-age narrative revolving around a teenager’s tumultuous relationship with his domineering father.

With its authentic depiction of familial discord and societal constraints, the film strikes a chord with viewers, delving into themes of freedom and self-discovery.

Through its heartfelt exploration of personal liberation amidst adversity, “Udaan” resonates deeply, leaving an enduring impact on audiences and illuminating the transformative journey toward individual autonomy.

15. Pyaasa (1957): Amazon Prime Video

“Pyaasa” stands as a timeless masterpiece depicting the struggle of an idealistic poet amidst the rejection of a materialistic society.

Through its critique of societal hypocrisy and celebration of the transformative power of art, the film emerges as a landmark ahead of its era.

With soul-stirring poetry and captivating performances, “Pyaasa” transcends temporal boundaries, leaving an indelible mark on cinema.

Also affirming the enduring relevance of its themes in the modern world.

These 15 Bollywood movies represent a diverse range of narratives, themes, and styles that challenged conventions and set new benchmarks for Indian cinema.

From gritty crime thrillers to dark comedies and timeless classics, these films continue to inspire audiences with their boldness, creativity, and relevance, proving that great cinema knows no boundaries of time or genre.

Lead Image: UTV, RCE, IMDb

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