Bell Bottom Review: Netizens Are Loving This Gripping Spy Thriller of Akshay Kumar!

Bell Bottom Review: Netizens Are Loving This Gripping Spy Thriller of Akshay Kumar!
Bell Bottom Review: Netizens Are Loving This Gripping Spy Thriller of Akshay Kumar!

Finally, there is one Hindi film which is releasing in cinemas for a long time. Akshay Kumar starrer Bell Bottom releases today in theatres all over India except Maharashtra. Other states’ theatres are open with 50% occupancy. Bell Bottom features Akshay Kumar, Vaani Kapoor, Huma Quereshi, Lara Dutta and Adil Hussain in pivotal roles. The director of the film is Ranjit M Tewari (Rustom fame). A spy code-named Bellbottom sets out on an incognito mission to free 210 hostages seized by hijackers. Check out the Bell Bottom review in this article. Also, check what netizens feel about the film.

Bell Bottom Review:


In this espionage spine-chiller Bell Bottom, Akshay Kumar plays a Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) spy who has the code name ‘Bell Bottom’. When a plane is hijacked and arrives in Amritsar, the seventh commandeering episode in five years, Kumar is taken to solve this problem. How Akshay Kumar solves this case and does he succeed in saving lives is to be seen in the film.

Bell Bottom Twitter Review:

One of the Twitter users says the film is an engaging thriller. Also, he says the film is unpredictable and keeps you guessing all the way.

Twitter user Abhishek Parihar says the film is Blockbuster par excellence. Also, he says the film’s first half is good but the second half is extraordinary. Akshay Kumar gives once in a lifetime performance. Furthermore, he states that direction is terrific and makes it a perfect big-screen watch. He gave four stars to the film. 


There is one user who has watched Bell Bottom in theatre and shared his experience. He says the film is a mixture of goosebumps, hero Giri & proud feeling for the country & a True story of unsung heroes of India. The fabulous patriotic film he says.


Shiv Om Gupta, one of the netizens on Twitter says the Akshay Kumar wins the heart with his dedication to work.

One of the users, Harsukh Singh says the story was accurate and the acting was just superb especially from Akshay Kumar and  Huma Qureshi. The songs were just lovely and fantastic. Further, he says, it really brings back the magic of cinema. I loved every bit of it. He rated the film four stars.

Twitter user Karthick says the film is OUTSTANDING. He furthermore says the film has both class and mass. The film has stunning visuals and the climax is shocking. Moreover, he says Akshay Kumar is in terrific form.

Check other reviews also. Aditya says the film is fast-paced and the dialogues are excellent. 

One of the users says Bell Bottom is Engaging, Gripping & Brilliant. Furthermore, he praises the performance of Akshay Kumar, Vaani Kapoor and Lara Dutta. Also, he says Lara Dutta has a career-defining role.

Bell Bottom Review:

Finally, it can be said that the film is all set to make records at Box Office amidst pandemic. Netizens are loving the film and critics are also praising the film. Akshay Kumar’s Bell Bottom is a crowd-puller according to Twitter users. Many users are loving the fast-paced thriller and Lara’s epic transformation. Akshay Kumar, as always shines throughout the film. 

Bell Bottom looks like a good big-scale commercial film which should be enjoyed on big screens. Also, this is the first film to be released after the second wave of pandemic. Moviegoers across the nation will be in a treat, for the grand experience if they go and watch this film on big screens.


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