Animal Park Movie: Shoot Of Sequel Starts In 2025, Check Story Details!

Animal Park Movie: Shoot Of Sequel Starts In 2025, Check Story Details!
Animal Park Movie: Shoot Of Sequel Starts In 2025, Check Story Details!
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With the success of “Animal,” the spotlight now shifts to its highly anticipated sequel, “Animal Park.” Fans are eager to witness the continuation of Ranbir Kapoor’s gripping portrayal as Ranvijay, and the latest update of Animal Park movie promises an intense and enthralling storyline.

Animal Park Movie Details:

The Script Development:

Amidst mounting anticipation, preparations for “Animal Park” are in full swing. Director Sandeep Reddy Vanga is gearing up to dive into the script later this year.

According to a report by Mid Day, the sequel’s narrative will explore the compelling clash between Ranvijay and his doppelganger Aziz.

Animal Park Movie Story:

“Animal Park” is set to delve deeper into the intricate dynamics of Ranvijay’s life. The sequel promises to continue the domestic turmoil between the protagonist and Geetanjali, as well as explore his bond with his son.

The narrative, meticulously crafted as a multi-film saga, aims to captivate audiences with its riveting storyline and character development.

Animal Park Movie Cast:

The cast of “Animal Park” includes Rashmika Mandanna, portraying Ranbir’s wife, delving into the intricate dynamics of Ranvijay’s relationship with his son.

Additionally, Ranbir will take on the role of Aziz. Triptii Dimri is rumored to join the cast as Zoya, while speculations suggest Bobby Deol might reprise his character from the first installment, given his popularity.

Animal Park Movie
Credit: T-Series

Moreover, the sequel promises some fresh faces, adding depth to the ensemble.

Animal Park Movie Release Date:

While currently immersed in the shooting of “Spirit,” director Sandeep Reddy Vanga remains closely involved in the development of “Animal Park.” He is set to collaborate with the writers, led by Pranay Vanga, to refine the script and bring his vision to fruition.

After completing his project with Prabhas titled “Spirit,” Sandeep is gearing up for his next venture, “Animal Park.” Meanwhile, Ranbir Kapoor is set to wrap up two major projects before diving into “Animal Park.”

Scheduled for a 2026 release, “Animal Park” is backed by T Series and Bhadrakali Pictures.

With meticulous attention to detail, the director aims to elevate the sequel’s narrative to new heights of cinematic excellence.

Recap Of Animal:

Released on December 1, 2023, “Animal” introduced audiences to Vijay, an anti-hero grappling with the complexities of his strained relationship with his father, portrayed by Anil Kapoor.

Animal Park Movie
Credit: Instagram/T-Series

Ranbir Kapoor’s stellar performance, alongside Rashmika Mandanna and Bobby Deol, captivated viewers and set the stage for the highly anticipated sequel.


As preparations for “Animal Park” gather momentum, fans are eagerly awaiting the sequel’s release. With a gripping storyline, complex characters, and a talented ensemble cast, the sequel promises to be a cinematic spectacle that will leave audiences on the edge.

Stay tuned for more updates as the journey to “Animal Park” unfolds, promising an unforgettable cinematic experience.

Lead Image: T-Series, India Times

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