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SSMB29: Mahesh Babu's No-Fees Deal With SS Rajamouli

January 28, 2024

By Rohan Gaikwad

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Mahesh Babu's involvement in Rajamouli's film comes without financial compensation, signaling a unique partnership.

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Movie updates page on X, Panipuri wrote, Rajamouli concerned about blocking Mahesh's dates for 1-2 years.

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Mahesh Babu, however, assures Rajamouli of his commitment for up to 3 years, aiming to deliver exceptional quality.

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Rajamouli decides to offer Mahesh a partnership role in the film, showcasing mutual trust and respect.

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While KL Narayana serves as the producer, Rajamouli takes charge of all budgetary decision.

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Mahesh advises against payment until the film's completion, alleviating financial pressure on the producer.

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Mahesh's role extends beyond acting, as he becomes an official producer, further solidifying his investment.